We specialise in mobile wood-fired pizza catering, and Neapolitan style pizza is the crown jewel of our menu. The thin, crisp bases garnished with authentic Italian ingredients will take you over the moon with every bite.

We speak the language of pizzas and know how to make them downright delicious. From preparing the dough to baking in an imported wood-fired oven, it all happens right before your eyes.

Each pizza that we create is an outcome of the craft that we have perfected over the years. You will surely get a treat that is consistent in taste and is full of heavenly flavours. We keep the fire alive in our oven to bake great pizzas one after another so your guests don't have to wait.

The food truck that we use for catering in Melbourne is fully equipped for all-weather conditions. Come hell or high water, the party keeps going.


Why let a great pizza party start and end within the confines of your living room when you could turn it into a full-blown outdoor experience? Primo Street Pizza provides mobile wood fired pizza catering in Melbourne for private house parties as well as corporate events.

Treat yourself and your guests to oven-fresh pizzas served hot on the platter. We use only locally sourced produce, thanks to our grocery partners who have access to fresh harvest in the suburbs of Melbourne.

We have pizzas for everyone: vegetarians, vegans, gluten and lactose intolerant, and folks looking for an authentic Neapolitan style are welcomed to enquire and explore options.

When you hire our food truck, you don't have to worry about the knifey and spooney because we have got it all covered for you. Let us know the number of guests you are expecting, and we'll arrange biodegradable cutlery and napkins for your event.

If you have a corporate event or a big house party coming up, give us a call to hire a mobile wood fired pizza truck in Melbourne.

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